Lord Pirahnagoom's Revenge - A traditional Mario series

Share your codes for levels made in the New Super Mario Bros. U style.
Please give as much information about your levels as possible, including difficulty, name, description, and any additional information you wish to share.
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Lord Pirahnagoom's Revenge - A traditional Mario series

Postby Marsford » Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:58 pm

Hey everyone! I recently uploaded a traditionally-constructed Mario Maker game with 8 themed worlds and bosses and even an overarching but subtle plot. There's also a post-game 9th world with a boss rush and secret final boss. The game starts out as easy and then steadily progresses in difficulty and complexity. It's made for anyone to pick up and play, and the levels are varied enough (I hope) that many can be played in succession.

Link to 1-1:

https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0369-A7BC

If you only have time to play a few levels, try out my boss levels as well as the Super Expert boss rush!

**2-4 - Bowser's New Wings**

https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0369-A794

**3-4 - Lair of the Evil Wingworms**

https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0369-A765

**4-4 - The Explosive Cavalry**

https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0369-4A88

**5-4 - Perils of Twilight**

https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0369-495E

**6-4 - Dreaded Fiery Mycorrhizae**

https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0369-491F

**7-4 - Bowser's Last Stand**

https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0369-4899

**9EX3 - Hell's Boss Rush**

https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0369-4146

Post your levels and I would be happy to play them in exchange! (I usually prefer less gimmicky levels)


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